The Body Temple Pilates Studio

The Body Temple Pilates Studio Indianapolis is a Fletcher® Pilates facility that teaches a classical approach to the mind-body system of exercise developed by Joseph H. Pilates over 80 years ago. This method of conditioning develops:

Core Abdominal Strength  Flexibility  Correct Posture & Alignment 
Balance Coordination Streamlined Body
Increased Range of Motion  Body Awareness Enhanced Circulation

The Body Temple Pilates Studio takes into consideration each individual's needs and personal goals and then develops a workout specifically designed for that person. The exercises are adapted to meet the needs of the individual regardless of fitness level, age, gender, previous injuries, or physical limitations. Pilates can be challenging enough for the professional athlete and yet gentle enough for the rehabilitation client.

In addition to Pilates Matwork, Fusion and Circut Training group classes, reformer trios, and semi-private and private classes, the Body Temple Pilates Studio located in Indianapolis, Indiana offers Zumba classes every week. Please check out the studio packages and specials  and online class schedule .

Studio Director, Jennifer Mapalad is also a Fletcher Facilitator providing student teachers access to the Fletcher Pilates prerequisite private and group instruction and the Fletcher Pilates® Preparatory Course. Learn more about the teacher training and Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study.