What our Clients have to say about The Body Temple Pilates

We LOVE our BTP clients and could go on and on about how strong, funny, thoughtful, and committed they are, but this page is for letting them brag about us a little. Thank you- we love you too!
I was on a quest to take better care of myself when I discovered Body Temple Pilates. I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis, had limited movement in my upper torso, and visited a chiropractor monthly.  Within four weeks the pain in my feet was gone, within 2 months I no longer needed my chiropractor.  Within 4 months my waistline narrowed. Five years later – Pilates is a staple in my life, providing me with fluid, healthy movement, and strength.  I take private classes and a mix of group classes each week which allows me the benefit of Jen’s precise eye and instruction and moving with others in barrework, matwork or the occasional TRX group classes. I find myself being challenged each and every week, my body continually changing and my “center” strengthening. Pilates is my home base.
Kourtnaye Sturgeon
Several years ago, while on vacation, I shattered my kneecap also detaching all of the connecting muscles and ligaments. The rehabilitation of my knee using traditional physical therapy methods was a painful and slow process. I only began to see true progress when I was allowed to return to physical activity and started back with The Body Temple. The impact that Pilates in general, and Jennifer Mapalad specifically, had on my recovery is dramatic. My orthopedic surgeon had told me that I would be aware of the bad knee pretty much constantly for the rest of my life. I can tell you that even now, I am only sporadically aware, and that usually coincides with extreme weather changes. I believe that Pilates at The Body Temple made all of the difference in the world for me.
Linda Brundage
In November 2009 I visited my spinal surgeon for lumbar pain. He told me that my lumbar vertebrae were rubbing together because the discs between them had disintegrated. He sent me to physical therapy and the therapist told me the best thing I could do for my back would be to build my core muscles. In March 2010 I began seeing Jen for Private Pilate’s sessions. I remember telling Jen that I was going to try Pilates, but I suspected I would ultimately need surgery on my back (I had had 2 prior back surgeries and spinal issues run in my family).

I started with two private sessions a week. My muscles were very weak and I did not have control of my body. In fact, on my first visit, I kicked Jen in the face! The first 4 or 5 months I can remember my muscles feeling fatigued after each session. Of course, I have never been one to exercise except for the occasional yoga class, so that was not surprising. Those muscles had never been worked before!

After about 6 months I noticed that I could work in the yard, sit for long periods of time and lift heavy items without having any back pain. I was convinced at this point that the Pilates was really helping me and I started adding in a class or two a week to make myself even stronger.

I have been seeing Jen consistently for 2 1/2 years and have never felt better. I have gone through two summers of extensive yard work with no back pain. I can sit all day in an uncomfortable chair and have no back pain. I can lift heavy things with no back pain. The rest of my body looks and feels better than it ever has in my life. I still continue to gain strength and control in my body and I feel healthy, strong and have more energy and stamina.

My husband was so amazed at the differences in me and my body that he agreed to give Pilates a try about a year ago. He always said he didn’t need to work out because he did enough work around the house that he was in good shape. However, now he knows better. By doing Pilates he has identified and worked muscles he didn’t know he had. He has also greatly increased his flexibility and strength. And the 6 pack is back!

Both of us used to go the chiropractor on a regular basis for adjustments because of different pains in our bodies. Since beginning Pilates, we have no longer needed these services. We believe that by working our bodies and building our cores we have eliminated the need for costly and more invasive medical and alternative procedures.

Susan Kasle
I was not a Pilates person until I joined this studio and now I’m addicted! I love the type of Pilates they teach (Fletcher Pilates) but most importantly I really appreciate the 1) one-on-one privates in order to perfect my form and prevent injury, 2) the trio classes where I can utilize the challenging equipment and 3) the combination of classes they offer with small class size for personal attention. I can’t imagine there being a better and more intimate studio in town. Now, I’m a Pilates junkie!!!!
Peni V