Pilates Private and Semi-Private Classes and Packages

Our decade of teaching experience has shown us that personal attention matters and you get the most of it in Private and Semi-Private settings. Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve a level of health and wellness that they never imagined possible, and we feel our gifts lie in creating that highly personalized approach to get to that level. That’s why we are a “Privates Only” studio offering our clients 4 options to receive the focused attention that only Private and Semi-Private sessions can offer.

Just getting started? All new clients start with our Pilates 101 Package; the perfect preparatory package for any of our offerings at a great introductory rate!


For new clients only, the Pilates 101 Package is the first step in your Pilates journey. In 3 Private Sessions, you will get an introduction to Fletcher Pilates® techniques on the Reformer, Fletcher Pilates® Matwork, Fletcher Barrework™, Fletcher Towelwork® and more. This is a great way for you to work on the Pilates equipment and experience the range of ways we can help you begin to move toward your health and wellness goals.

  • Pilates 101 Package $175


A customized workout that provides an opportunity to focus on your individual health and wellness goals. Tailored precisely to your needs, Private Sessions are designed for you based on our extensive assessment of your current physical condition, the daily changes your body can experience, and your increased strength and mobility as you progress. Private sessions are strongly encouraged for clients with past or current injuries.

  • 10 Sessions (MT) $1000
  • 10 Sessions (T) $750


A customized workout that allows 2 people to share time while still receiving individual time and attention. Duet class pre-requisite – minimum 3 private sessions with one of our Instructors (see Pilates 101 Package)

  • 10 Sessions (MT) $750
  • 10 Sessions (T) $500


A customized workout that allows 3 people to share time, while still focusing on individual needs. Trio class pre-requisite – minimum 3 private sessions with one of our Instructors (see Pilates 101 Package)

  • 10 Sessions $400


A fast-paced, Private version of our Pilates Circuit Class. You will be guided through an intense Private workout focusing on building strength and improving alignment. This is a perfect addition to your existing workout plan, or a way to augment your Private sessions with us. Get in, get fit, get back to your life!

  • 10 Mini-Lates Sessions $400
  • 10 Duet Mini-Lates Sessions $380


The Body Temple Pilates Studio offers our clients a variety of ongoing, small group class options, all of which are designed to provide in-depth exploration of a particular Pilates movement series or concept. These will include Matwork, Barrework, and the use of small apparatus like the Spine Corrector, Chair, Magic Circle, and Fletcher® Towel.

Classes emphasize the foundational principles of Pilates, while offering modifications and variations to suit each student’s individual needs. Our series have a limited number of spaces available to ensure the one-on-one attention required to achieve the best results, while offering a group dynamic and setting.

Cost: $180/6 Week Session. All levels welcome. Advanced sign up required- No drop-ins are permitted.

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