About The Body Temple Pilates Studio

Our primary goal is to help our clients reach a level of health and wellness they never imagined possible. This is why we only offer Private & Semi-Private services. Our decade of experience has shown us that personal attention is the most effective way to target the unique needs of each client and get the long lasting results they desire and deserve.

The Body Temple Pilates Studio is the premier Fletcher® Pilates studio in Indiana. At the heart of the studio is owner, Jennifer Mapalad.

What You Can Expect as a Body Temple Pilates Client?

As a client of Body Temple Pilates, you can expect to be treated as a unique individual with complex needs. Our approach is to develop a workout specifically designed for you, and the exercises are adapted to meet the needs of the individual regardless of fitness level, age, previous injuries, or physical limitations.

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body-temple-pilates-Jen_Ref_Client_2Our clients love the one-on-one attention they receive in every session at the Body Temple Pilates studio! When you come here, you can be sure that you are working with highly trained instructors committed to creating a workout that is unique to your body and goals. This highly personalized approach gives you the best results in the least amount of time and will help you create the healthier and more vibrant life you deserve!

A Challenging Curriculum For Lasting Results

The Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study is the most comprehensive and definitive international Pilates educational program of its kind. Owner, Jennifer Mapalad, has completed the full Fletcher® program, in addition to her 3 other certifications. She is also a Fletcher Faculty member, entrusted to lead future teachers through the Fletcher® comprehensive program of study.

I combine my years of experience as a Registered Nurse, with the depth of the Fletcher program, to deliver long lasting results to our clients.  I love the Fletcher work because it is very black and white; there is a reason why you do one movement and then move into the next. Why you take the breath there, and not at some other point in the movement.  It offers clients an artful and effective series of movements that deeply engage the body,mind, and breath.
Jennifer Mapalad, Studio Owner & Master Trainer